Stone Lions Win Scrumfest 2012

Here’s a quick account of the Stone Lion’s Scrumfest matches, by our very own Ashley Perry!

Opening Match: Stone Lions vs. Clarksville
Final score: 32 – 0

This game was all about tackling and communication on the field from both teams. A small thing like communication is a game changer. After a rally from our coach, we put our heads in the game, working together by supporting each other and holding our position as a team. An interesting fact is that some of our Nashville ruggers had relocated and help create the Clarksville team played against us in the opening match. Needless to say, we were just as happy to play against our rugby family as when they played with us. Clarksville will become, no doubt, a formidable opponent, and we look forward to a friendly bit of rivalry from neighbors so close by!

Match to decide bracket winner: Alabama University Rugby
Final score: 55 – 0

At this point, Nashville had a taste of what everyone had worked so hard for in this tournament: victory! The adrenalin of possibly being the tournament Champions pushes our Stone Lions through the bracket winner match. Images of breakthroughs from forwards, stiff-arming square in the chest as the opponent grabs thin air, and a try is made dominated! Stealthy goal kicks from try’s placed far away from the goal posts were made with grace. As for the backs, they ran like no other, together, hitting beautiful switches at a high pace and not just finding the holes but creating them! It’s what we do. We hit hard on defense, but the true test would be thrown at us in our third match against Louisville/WKU.

Final: Stone Lions vs. Stone Lions vs. Louisville/WKU
Final score: 64 – 0

The Fans are ready for more. They had been watching us all day and by now they were screaming at the top of their lungs when breaks were made, major tackles were given and taken. They were sucked into this game. The suspense was thick, the pressure high. Louisville/WKU has some major players we know and love for their skill and smarts on the field, but now it was a great challenge to see what Nashville was made of as a team. There were breaks through our defense, but we held strong and gained possession back of the ball. Crashing again and again the forwards make the fans go crazy with every hit and every eight man pick. The backs played the ball out and back like it was and extension of them. The try’s were close calls and hard-won. We played as a team – there is no one person that can carry a team on their own. We celebrate by gathering around our amazing Sponsors and fans who support us so much.

By Smashley Perry

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