Match Report: Nashville Wins v Valkyries! Can We Call it a “Streak” Yet?

Final Score
Nashville 36 v Lee 10

Our first home game of the season turned out to be an exciting, fast-paced match. The Clarksville Valkyries are a team we love to play because it’s made up of some of our best of friends – after all, a lot of the Clarksville girls used to be us before they formed their own team. We miss you! But we love having one more formidable opponent to share a match with so close by.

For the regular reader of this column: I want to disabuse you, Regular Reader, of the notion that the Stone Lions are a chaotic, disorganized bunch who routinely miss the Pitch by miles and the Kick-off by hours…. In fact, Regular Reader, this home game was proof of our coordination and our growth as a team. For example: we have a fully stocked Medic Bag; we have not one but two tents (one was actually up at the match today); we own a table and sell super cool merchandise at all our home matches, and actually accept credit cards! Enough said, we are a seriously serious Club to be reckoned with!

Rather than attempt to give you a “blow by blow” of this phenomenal match – after all, dear Reader, this was a home match, and you probably should have been there – I am instead going to share a few of the more memorable moments of this historic day.

Best play, hands down, credited to Susannah, our fabled Number 8. Off a penalty, Sus led the first pod to the inside (brave girl), cut right avoiding the first tackle (and the second), only to come to a bone-crunching halt right at the try-line under the goal posts. She was wrapped, but high – it seemed like both teams had trouble with this throughout the game. In her classic Sus-move (patent pending), she ducked and stepped back effectively shrugging off the defender. Has any forward seen this move and not thought “damn, I’ve got to try that next time!” only to later realize Susanna alone can pull this off, somehow… In any case, free again and on her feet she powered through another defender for the score.

This play was actually caught on film (see above) by team mom Jewelia’s Mom (although I have my suspicions that is not her real name…). Thanks Mom!!

Another incredible play came after a scrum late in the second half, in which the pack players pulled together and stole a ball put in by the green and white squad from the north. Scrum-Half Jewelia picked the ball and decided to run it up herself to the weak side. Our Eighth Man, always aware and ready, broke away from the scrum at just the right moment and at the right speed to catch an offload by Jewels after she had drawn the opposing number 9 and 10 in. It was quick work after that for Susannah to gain 20 meters for the Stone Lions! The backs took it from there.

My favorite play, however, was when Tight-Head Prop Rainy (one of the sexiest players on the squad – or so I’ve been told) picked the ball up from the back of a ruck due to the Scrummy being caught in it. She ran the ball around the breakdown, dipped her shoulder and crashed into three or four defenders mere feet from the try-line. I thought for a second she was actually going to touch the ball down and score it (who does she think she is – Susannah??), but she placed it instead for her team to do a quick ball pass to Sus. Who then scored, of course.

But the greatest moment of the evening was during the Social celebration, held at Charlie Bob’s Restaurant (our beloved sponsor bar). Susannah Crawford was deservedly inducted into the Stone Lions Hall of Fame, before her untimely departure to Albania, of all places, to serve a two-year term in the Peace Corps. You can read the official induction speech on our news feed, and send best wishes to Sus probably on Facebook – not sure she wants her personal email shared here.

By Rainy Atherton

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