NWRFC Gives Back for the Children

It was a clear but cool Spring day. Our heroes were a little bummed, to tell the truth, due to Knoxville’s vicious, ruthless and mal intentioned no-shows to the promised match on March 30th. Who wouldn’t be? Less rugby = little bummed, in almost every case. But a silver lining was present: the culmination of many hours of raising funds for an excellent cause approached! We had harassed our friends, family, co-workers, even strangers for cash donations to St. Baldricks, for the good of all present and future children with cancer.

Our pilgrimage began the early afternoon when we headed North where we planned to crash the shaving event organized by the good people at Western Kentucky University after assembling a large support entourage. There may have been upwards of a dozen Gina-supporters at the balding event. Rainy-supporters were exclusively virtual, but everyone know’s she’s a bit of a loner. Ry-Ry supporters were all in South Carolina, as was Ry-Ry herself after some vehicle debacle took place. You’ll have to get the full story from her yourself.Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 5.09.16 PM

Our first order of business after arriving in Bowling Green, KY, was… pizza and beer! What else? We’re ruggers! Our second order of business was… baseball! The actual shaving took place under the bleachers after a rousing ball-game, where the Hilltoppers were narrowly defeated by Louisville. Boo, Louisville! The scoreboard read 10 to 8; I believe though I would not bet on that. It became immensely clear as the final two innings drew to a close that this author’s sports writing prowess does not extend past Rugby. Rainy was seen on at least two occasions actually cheering for the wrong team, once when a home run with two on base was hit at the bottom of the ninth… (the bottom is the end, right?).

Anyway, the end of the game signified the beginning of the real business at hand for our courageous heroes! Bravest of the lot: Ry-Ry, who could have easily (so easily!) backed out, seeing as she was stuck three states away and unsupervised — not so, for the fearless Winger followed through, even timing her shave so that we could cheer her on via facetime through a phone. Second Bravest: Gina, whose lengthy, angelic locks had taken three years to re-grow since her last St. Baldricks participation — so long ago, in fact, she used to play Hooker way back then! Lastly, the heedless and vivacious Rainy, who is still not quite sure she will shave her head and is still debating.

Let the record show NWRFC is a team full of giving, generous and reckless hearts who will complete feats of strength, skill and nuttiness where the cause is good, and the adventure is wild.

About the charity:

St. Baldricks is an organization that helps fund research into childhood cancer. Here’s their take on why they’re around:
“In the 1950s, almost all kids diagnosed with cancer died. Because of research, today about 85% of kids with the most common type of cancer will live. But for many other types, progress has been limited, and for some kids there is still little hope for a cure.”

The Stone Lions, having a winning record of 5 and 1 (which translates to about the same as childhood cancer has achieved to date — 83% wins), deeply understand this is not sufficient! The Stone Lions strive for a better winning record, and relate to cancer research need to improve their own winning record to, say, 6:1 or even 7:1 — which we will achieve before the Spring season is over! Come and get it Atlanta, Knoxville and MTSU!! (Or if we don’t, there’s always the Fall).

By Rainy Atherton

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