Match Report: Shut-Out Win v Valkyries

Final Score
Nashville 67 v Clarksville 0

In four years of playing, never has this your humble correspondent, witnessed this sheer weight of numbers at an away match! The myriad and varied and talented Stone Lions kept arriving at the pitch pouring out of cars without ceasing. As everyone knows, Props can’t count past 3, so I cannot say exactly, but I did hear Coach exclaiming we were 4 or 5 deep in certain positions!

The photo for this article features an oft-seen event in this match. NWRFC’s coaching staff (yes, we have a staff now!) described the backline’s play as brilliant and selfless. This last quality being the most important for a rugby team since one alone can never achieve what 15 can. Kellie Hurst (pictured) scored multiple tries, ran past and through defenders and never once had a turnover. She was not the only back to play thus, but several trick passes and sharp cuts wowed the stands and certainly caught this writers notice.

Props and congratulations to our multiple rookies, several playing for the first time as Stone Lions or for the first time, already contributing, playing fearlessly and passionately. Favorite moment of the day for this #3 was when our new addition from MTSU and fellow Prop made it into the try zone for not one but two scores! A run reminiscent of our own recently returned Susannah Crawford (that’s right, you’re in trouble now, Rugby world!). Congrats Kailee, and are we glad to have you! Gooooo, Zulu Waaaariooor!!!

Most exciting play? Remi’s mother was leaping out of her camp chair, crossing the ropes and demanding her kid go in there and kick some specific player’s butt! Ha! I love it when our Huggers get so passionately involved! Keep bringing your peeps, we play for them as well.

Finally, the score might seem one-sided – and obviously it is what it is officially – but the numbers on the board simply cannot reflect the leaps and bounds of improvement our closest neighbors to the north have made. Their scrums did not dive in and as the game progressed they got stiffer and tighter. Their backs did not shy away from the tough tackles. Their bigger players are fitter and leaner than last we saw them – downright sexy! Their Coach is passionate and knowledgeable. And they never slowed down or gave up or quit playing solid rugby, no matter the score. We are proud to play a strong sportsmanlike team like the Valkyries.

By Rainy Atherton

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