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Match Report: Hard Fought Defeat in Cajun Country

Final Score Nashville 0 v New Orleans/BatonRouge 21 Tough pill, Stone Lions, to end the season with this uncharacteristic scoreless defeat! Sleeplessly exhausted after that 9 hour overnight trek, fan‑less on the pitch with the exception of one valiant hugger (the one and only, the Emily!), unaccustomed to playing in such muggy, sandy heat, and ... More

Match Report: Matrix Win v Altanta, Scrumfest II Huge Success

Matrix Final Score Nashville 67 v Atlanta ARC 30 A rugby poem is always a good way to express the profound emotions elicited by our Rugby-day duels, Stone Lions. This composition reminded one of our staff of how a player feels every time her team scores, and is evocative of the tone of our win vs. the ARC-angels: In the lead! To my chest my Hands ... More