Match Report: Matrix Win v Altanta, Scrumfest II Huge Success

Matrix Final Score
Nashville 67 v Atlanta ARC 30

A rugby poem is always a good way to express the profound emotions elicited by our Rugby-day duels, Stone Lions.
This composition reminded one of our staff of how a player feels every time her team scores, and is evocative of the tone of our win vs. the ARC-angels:

In the lead!
To my chest my
Hands I clasp
I deeply breathe
I wheeze and gasp
My temples throb
My mouth is dry
My heart beats fast
I’m going to die
My voice has gone
My throat is sore
My hands both shake
I can take no more
I lay my head
Upon my knee
Now blow the whistle

How hard did your Nashville Women play? So hard that wheezing and gasping turned to hoarseness, the physical limits reached and crossed by miles, and the “Injury of the Match” becoming a contender for “Injury of the year”! How many balls did our pack steal? Uncounted turnovers, strips, poaches and tackles! How fast did the Gold-and-Black back line run? Just take a look at the official Match Photos! Dozens of foot-races ensued, several culminating in tries and dust-choked ARC-angels (with many thanks to Michelle ‘Fox’ Smiley, our camera-man).

As an opener for Scrumfest 2013, the match could not have been more exciting. It was unarguably a match won by the backs – and all our readers know how we, at “Perspectives from the Front Row” loathe admitting such preposterous nonsense! But alas, though our Flankers unfailingly flanked their flanks, our Hooker hooked even their own ball put-in, our Props proped like monumental buttresses…. it was an undeniable fact!

It is hard to decide which player to highlight in this, your short summary column, after plays like Sarah Brown’s recovered kick-off and HAT TRICK try, Kat ‘Flamingo’ Butler’s intercepted pass ran 80 meters in for the try, Katie ‘Kiwi’ Oliver’s hundredth assist to the wing and Kellie Hurst’s multiple breakout runs, twice scoring right under the uprights! Indeed, these slim-quick players gained the Lion’s share of meters and outscored the opposition 2:1. Forwards, do not despair, for we still retain Sus Crawford’s now expected 5 points, myriad won scrums and forced turnovers, and the highest ratio of face-to-dirt generation of all the matches of the day!

And what matches they were! After the tournament opener, UTC Mockingbirds took on the MTSU Lady-Moose (bolstered by players from the Clarksville Valkyries) for an exciting blue-on-blue collegiate level match-up. Your humble correspondent was much too busy (literally) getting her face bashed in at the Nashville-Louisville friendly next door, thus the score of that contest is not published here. The Kentucky team, after submitting their required forfeit due to lack of numbers, and borrowing six of the best Stone Lions available, forced the hosting team back on it’s tired heels for a first defeat of NWRFC. It thus became apparent that only the Stone Lions can defeat the Stone Lions. Or something like that, to make us feel a little better…

The tournament closer was the most fun. As is fast becoming a tradition at Scrumfest, the final match of the day is reserved for an animated motley! Players borrowed from all visiting teams face off against the hosting Golden Lions, in a dream-team scenario where calls are improvised among players who may have never met and have never practiced together! This year our creative ref dubbed the visiting team the “Rainbow”, owing to the fact that no less than four different colored jerseys simultaneously joined forces vs. Nashville. Final score: Nashville 24, Motley 20. I will add, in fairness, that the second half motley did win the 22-yard dash.

By Rainy Atherton

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