Match Report: 2014 Season Opener a Success

Final Scores
Nashville 55 v Lee University 7
Nashville 19 v Louisville 38

Outstanding first appearance of the Spring, Stone Lions! Although, if I may be so bold, perhaps planning a double header right out of the gate, where we faced a team as enormously big, fast and strong as the Louisville Riversharks AFTER 75 minutes of hard work vs. Lee (another great team), was biting off a tad more than we could chew. As a caveat to that comment let me say: this column, as you have come to know Steadfast Reader, is a compilation of observations made from the Front Row… and a mere #3 cannot be expected to be the fittest cog in the machine.

The match against our accustomed and beloved opponent of the Spring, Lee University, was a fun and beautiful symphony of pack plays transitioning to back line. Quite smooth for a first go at it, Stone Lions! Special mention to our rookies, winger Heidi Boulden, impressively quick-study hooker Barbara Puzanovova, and the fastest lock in Tennessee Kiah Gibain (and I’d put money on that claim!). Heidi more than once darted straight past the defensive line gaining meters by the dozen and leading to epic chases just short of the try! Kiah’s first-ever rugby match saw her tackling like a natural! And Barbara actually said she liked hooking, match made in heaven! These kids are gonna be a solid addition to the squad, I can tell. Also a huge shout out to a solid performance and welcome return of an old friend, Ediri Oji, back after a clavicle injury and earning the coveted “man of the match” mention. If you think you have a breakaway play against us, with Oji in the back, well! You have an unpleasant surprise coming!

The second match, as is fast becoming tradition, is a bit hazier in this, your faithful correspondent’s recollection. Someone – impossible to say who, just like you never catch the license number of a truck that runs you over – but SOMEONE collapsed a scrum right on the neck of the tight-head prop. If you’ve been in this position yourself, explanations are not required. If you have never had the privilege of having this happen to you, explanations are impossible. Suffice it to say, all I really know is that our final score came with mere minutes to go from a staunch refusal to give up, one of those dig-deep runs that uncompromisingly aims for the try zone, a run that only one Susannah Crawford can generate. Followed by an impressive 2 points from deep in the corner by full-back Sarah “Snicker” Brown. Bitch of the Pitch was deservedly awarded to scrummie Alex Fortney, who’s grown in maturity, skills and leadership by bounds since we last had her marshaling our troops in seasons past. We lost the match, but honorably, then ate our weight in queso dip at the social.

By Rainy Atherton

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