Match Report: Stone Lions Fall to Valkyries

Final Score
Nashville 15 v Clarksville 24

Some defeats hurt worse than others, in the mind of this, your humble newshound. At times, this statement is a literal one and is composed of one black eye, one overextended elbow, one concussion, one bruised face and a myriad shallow gashes. I understand the paper-cut sized one was the worst, a fact learned during an exclusive interview with one of our more versatile players, Hooker/Winger/Master Accountant Abi Muelder. The worst.

Not gonna lie to you, Faithful Follower of the fabled Stone Lions… it was not a pretty match. Your brave lionesses struggled with possession, with what seemed (from the Front Row, at least) unnecessary and inaccurate passes within pods, late rucking, slow launches on not-so-flat defensive lines, multiple head-to-face collisions on the losing side, escalating tempers, and sagging, structurally unsound goal posts (pictured above). The loss was deserved. But it should also be noted that so was the win! Our Clarksville neighbors have, this day, broken a two-year losing streak against NWRFC and the staff here at Perspectives couldn’t be prouder. Recall that many of the Valkyries used to be us before their team was founded in 2012. Congrats, V-warriors! You are mightier, fitter and larger than I remember you from just last fall. A worthy opponent indeed, and I cannot wait for our next meeting.

Now, let it not be said that your gold squad lacked heart, or skill, creativity and heroism. The tenacity of a Stone Lion is only surpassed by her selflessness, sportsmanship and team spirit. The MVP was earned by one of our fresh new rookies this season, lock Eliza Gilbert, who tackled like a beast, charged down kicks like a giant and scored her Zulu warrior try after numerous successful carries. (Wondering what a Zulu Warrior is? Click here, it’ll clarify everything). In the back, center Sarah Smith, full-back and captain Sarah Brown and winger Kellie Hurst put together some beautiful looking switches and runs culminating in at least one of our three tries.

Friendly matches serve the dual purpose of baptizing our rookies by fire and testing out the team’s mojo (new positions, new plays, teamwork and coordination, getting out all ya-ya’s and screwing up royally with minimal consequences. Mojo!). In our professional opinion: mission accomplished. Your team is ready; your team is strong, smart and courageous. Knoxville, here we come.

By Rainy Atherton

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