MVP 2014: Rainy Atherton

The 2014 season MVP and newest #NWRFC Hall of Fame inductee was unexpectedly presented and most gratefully received last Saturday at the Social. Our captain made a sweet, moving speech that is transcribed in full below:

We’re presenting the MVP award for this season a little earlier than usual. But with good reason. Our fearless leader is leaving. Moving all the way to sunny Tampa, Florida–and with the past couple of weeks–how can we blame her?

She’s become a Legend on the pitch. Every match I hear opposing players cringe when they realize they have to ruck or scrum across her. We sure as hell don’t want to face off against the Bulldozer. Can’t tell you how many times I was grateful to be on the same side of the pitch as her… especially when she’s plowing through others.

But she’s more than just a star player. As our president, she’s always been the responsible one. That’s gotta be a hard job when you’re leading a team who’s motto is “at our best when we’re a hot mess”

Not to mention, she’s done every job for us. From web-master to rookie wrangler to up-right engineer. She even recruited her wife as our emergency medic and I still don’t know how she convinced her to let us use their whole garage as our storage unit.

The Stone Lions became her second full-time job. The work and countless hours she’s dedicated to sustaining and improving this club are immeasurable. And the amazing part is she’s never once asked for anything in return.

She has and would do anything for any one of us. At first I was a little terrified when she told me she was moving. I know now we’ll be just fine as a team because she’s done everything to make sure we will be.

Can I ask everyone to raise a glass to The Bulldozer of the Pitch, Our Fearless Leader, Rainy Atherton and her even better half, Julie. Here’s to you two.


By Gina Durkan

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