Season Opener

Stone Lions Rock Double-Header Season Opener!

1st Match: Nashville Stone Lions 26 vs. Louisville River Sharks 12 2nd Match: Nashville Stone Lions 67 vs. Louisiana Lagniappe 17 (matrix) 3rd Match (our men): Nashville Men 26 vs. Louisville Men 11 Extra special thanks to Black Abbey Brewing Company for our sick new jerseys!! More

Match Report: NWRFC Wins True South Championships

FINAL SCORES Nashville 36 v Memphis 10 Nashville 44 v Louisiana 12 After months of training, practicing and playing together, NWRFC decisively demonstrates who is the Champion of the D2 Women's True South Geographical Union! Your hard work paid off, Stone Lions. Two sound, unquestionable victories were put on the ... More

Match Report: Stone Lions Defeat Valkyries

Final Score Nashville 66 v Clarksville 0 It is no secret that yours truly simply loooves playing Clarksville, in no small measure because I get to picture a Valkyrie as I play the match (who wouldn't love being charged by one!) and I get to include yon fantastic image as part of our match recap. But I digress. First ... More

Match Report: Stone Lions Defeat Minx

Final Score Nashville 31 v Knoxville 10 After weeks of Arctic conditions and grueling icy weather in Tennessee, Mother Nature took pity on us modest female ruggers (probably because she knew it was International Women's Day). Sunny. Not too cold. Not too hot. Special beer pricing at Cool Beans. Yes, dear reader, the ... More

Match Report: Stone Lions Fall to Valkyries

Final Score Nashville 15 v Clarksville 24 Some defeats hurt worse than others, in the mind of this, your humble newshound. At times, this statement is a literal one and is composed of one black eye, one overextended elbow, one concussion, one bruised face and a myriad shallow gashes. I understand the paper-cut sized ... More

Match Report: 2014 Season Opener a Success

Final Scores Nashville 55 v Lee University 7 Nashville 19 v Louisville 38 Outstanding first appearance of the Spring, Stone Lions! Although, if I may be so bold, perhaps planning a double header right out of the gate, where we faced a team as enormously big, fast and strong as the Louisville Riversharks AFTER 75 ... More

Match Report: Hard Fought Defeat in Cajun Country

Final Score Nashville 0 v New Orleans/BatonRouge 21 Tough pill, Stone Lions, to end the season with this uncharacteristic scoreless defeat! Sleeplessly exhausted after that 9 hour overnight trek, fan‑less on the pitch with the exception of one valiant hugger (the one and only, the Emily!), unaccustomed to playing in ... More

Match Report: Matrix Win v Altanta, Scrumfest II Huge Success

Matrix Final Score Nashville 67 v Atlanta ARC 30 A rugby poem is always a good way to express the profound emotions elicited by our Rugby-day duels, Stone Lions. This composition reminded one of our staff of how a player feels every time her team scores, and is evocative of the tone of our win vs. the ARC-angels: ... More

Match Report: Classic Halloween Tournament, Nash Wins Again

Final Score: hard to say... Nashville wins it by a try and a boat-race! This long-awaited article is late due to the unfortunate absence of NWRFC's world-renowned sports columnist at this year’s Halloween Match. (There was also the matter of traditional influences that make this annual match more of a social than ... More

Match Report: Nash Still Undefeated, v Memphis

Final Score Nashville 41 v Memphis 12. Absolutely a team win, this was, more than any other this season! The Flamingos never saw us coming, and even though Stone Lions typically stay away from poultry, yon pink birds were summarily devoured. Seven tries, the courageous Stone Lions scored, SEVEN! And each (just ... More