Match Report: Stone Lions Win, Nash 12, Knox 0

Final Score Nashville 12 v Knoxville 0 It should come as no surprise to our loyal NWRFC followers that we have photos of the Social, but not of the actual match, as is becoming of a serious, athletic, formal team such as the undefeatable Stone Lions! And this was a good one, a Social thrown in honor of our once united ... More

Match Report: Shut-Out Win v Valkyries

Final Score Nashville 67 v Clarksville 0 In four years of playing, never has this your humble correspondent, witnessed this sheer weight of numbers at an away match! The myriad and varied and talented Stone Lions kept arriving at the pitch pouring out of cars without ceasing. As everyone knows, Props can't count past ... More

Match Report: Nashville Wins v Valkyries! Can We Call it a “Streak” Yet?

Final Score Nashville 36 v Lee 10 Our first home game of the season turned out to be an exciting, fast-paced match. The Clarksville Valkyries are a team we love to play because it's made up of some of our best of friends – after all, a lot of the Clarksville girls used to be us before they formed their own team. We ... More

Match Report: Stone Lions Return Victorious from Memphis

Final Score Nashville 29 v Memphis 14 Match MVP's: Antea (backs) and Jameica (forwards). The motto for the day "We beat their team, then rode their tiger..." Who comes up with these things?? Someone needs to tell that damn groundhog what's up. A Saturday in March shouldn't be filled with a wintry mix, right? But, ... More

Match Report: Epic Victory Over Lee, Way to Start the Season

Final Score Nashville 15 v Lee 10 (We didn't have a T... all kicks failed.) Wow, was this a fun match! Let us start the day with a water-logged field in Cleveland TN, the Stone Lions caravan nearly to Chattanooga before we hear anything about a possible game cancellation, a hasty and desperate change of location and a ... More

Stone Lions Win Scrumfest 2012

Here's a quick account of the Stone Lion's Scrumfest matches, by our very own Ashley Perry! Opening Match: Stone Lions vs. Clarksville Final score: 32 - 0 This game was all about tackling and communication on the field from both teams. A small thing like communication is a game changer. After a rally from our coach, ... More