Match Report: Hard Fought Defeat in Cajun Country

Final Score Nashville 0 v New Orleans/BatonRouge 21 Tough pill, Stone Lions, to end the season with this uncharacteristic scoreless defeat! Sleeplessly exhausted after that 9 hour overnight trek, fan‑less on the pitch with the exception of one valiant hugger (the one and only, the Emily!), unaccustomed to playing in ... More

Match Report: Matrix Win v Altanta, Scrumfest II Huge Success

Matrix Final Score Nashville 67 v Atlanta ARC 30 A rugby poem is always a good way to express the profound emotions elicited by our Rugby-day duels, Stone Lions. This composition reminded one of our staff of how a player feels every time her team scores, and is evocative of the tone of our win vs. the ARC-angels: ... More

Match Report: Classic Halloween Tournament, Nash Wins Again

Final Score: hard to say... Nashville wins it by a try and a boat-race! This long-awaited article is late due to the unfortunate absence of NWRFC's world-renowned sports columnist at this year’s Halloween Match. (There was also the matter of traditional influences that make this annual match more of a social than ... More

Match Report: Nash Still Undefeated, v Memphis

Final Score Nashville 41 v Memphis 12. Absolutely a team win, this was, more than any other this season! The Flamingos never saw us coming, and even though Stone Lions typically stay away from poultry, yon pink birds were summarily devoured. Seven tries, the courageous Stone Lions scored, SEVEN! And each (just ... More

Match Report: Stone Lions Win, Nash 12, Knox 0

Final Score Nashville 12 v Knoxville 0 It should come as no surprise to our loyal NWRFC followers that we have photos of the Social, but not of the actual match, as is becoming of a serious, athletic, formal team such as the undefeatable Stone Lions! And this was a good one, a Social thrown in honor of our once united ... More

Match Report: Shut-Out Win v Valkyries

Final Score Nashville 67 v Clarksville 0 In four years of playing, never has this your humble correspondent, witnessed this sheer weight of numbers at an away match! The myriad and varied and talented Stone Lions kept arriving at the pitch pouring out of cars without ceasing. As everyone knows, Props can't count past ... More

NWRFC Gives Back for the Children

It was a clear but cool Spring day. Our heroes were a little bummed, to tell the truth, due to Knoxville's vicious, ruthless and mal intentioned no-shows to the promised match on March 30th. Who wouldn't be? Less rugby = little bummed, in almost every case. But a silver lining was present: the culmination of many hours of ... More

Tournament Report: Memorable Nash-Bash Appearance by NWRFC

Results: v. County Will Morrigans: Lost, 19 – 24 (Will who? They’re from just south of Chicago) v. Cincinnati Kelts, OH: Tied, 12 – 12 v. Dayton Flying Pigs, OH: Won, 12 – 7 Overall: Consolation Bracket Winners! Nash-Bash is one of the longest continuously running tournaments in history (perhaps I ... More

Match Report: Nashville Wins v Valkyries! Can We Call it a “Streak” Yet?

Final Score Nashville 36 v Lee 10 Our first home game of the season turned out to be an exciting, fast-paced match. The Clarksville Valkyries are a team we love to play because it's made up of some of our best of friends – after all, a lot of the Clarksville girls used to be us before they formed their own team. We ... More

Susannah Crawford Inducted into Stone Lions Hall of Fame

Our dear Sus was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the team. Captain Gina Durkan presented the award with the following speech: "This is the first time we've presented this award for a long while. As Sus's last game with us for a little bit, I think it's only fitting to share what an asset she's been to the ... More