Join Our Club

We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to teach and share the concepts of fair play, sportsmanship and camaraderie embodied in the sport of rugby. We have a spot for everyone, welcoming players of all sizes and shapes. No experience is necessary!

$50 first season Rookie Player

First season playing for NWRFC.

  • First season fee
  • Fee helps cover field rental, sirs, all tournament fees, socials, champion travel expenses
  • Be sure to CIPP, it's required for NWRFC, see details below

$75 seasonal fee Returning Player

Welcome back!

  • Seasonal fee
  • Fee helps cover field rental, sirs, all tournament fees, socials, champion travel expenses
  • Don't forget to CIPP, Veterans
CIPP Instructions / USA Rugby Membership
  • Why should you CIPP?

    Because it is required by our team.

    Because you want to play in official True South Region matrix matches (Fall season).

    Because you want to have USA Rugby's health insurance plan in case of major accidents.

    If you have any problems with this, contact the Treasurer here.

  • How do I CIPP?

    Go to:

    Click on "Please click here to register" (Or skip step one. Our click here is as good as their click here).

    If you've never CIPPed before: On the left pane click "Join USA Rugby". Fill out the form.

    If you've CIPPed before either you know your login (Click "Login", duh), or you don't - then click "Request a Login". (Note: in Fall 2014 USA Rugby changed systems, you may not know your login: "Request a Login")


    On the right pane, under "Member Area", click on "Renew Membership". Fill out/update your member information. (If started from scratch, you were already on this form. Press on, Stone Lion!)

    On the second tab, "Select Membership": Only change anything on the first section, "Player".

    Make sure the state drop-down is Tennessee and pick our Club, Nashville Women's Rugby Football Club.

    Click "Signup" at the bottom.

    Third tab is to accept the waivers (remember kids, never sign anything you haven't read thoroughly...) Click “Continue”

    Fourth tab: Fill out billing information & Cough up the dough. (This payment is for your personal membership to USA Rugby and for your insurance; none of it goes to NWRFC).

All Players: Bring signed Consent Form to first practice. Get it now