Our Team

Our Team is the best around. We are a group of women who love to play Rugby. We foster teamwork, loyalty, sportsmanship and leadership. Anyone who wants to play, regardless of skill level, is welcome.

Work Hard, Play Hard and Have Fun! - Club Motto

Board Members

Abigail "Abi" Muelder

Abi is small, but mighty on and off the pitch. She serves as Treasurer for the NWRFC, and you'll see her Winging during games though she's a Hooker at heart.
Beth Wilson

Beth Wilson

Social Chair
Joining the Stone Lions in 2016, Beth attempts to be a Hooker. She never misses an opportunity to wear a costume, as NWRFC’s Social Chair.

Audra Wait

Web Master Blaster
Audra is new to the sport of rugby, joining the Stone Lions in late 2014. She is most impactful off field...doing her thing.
Alexa Muri

Alexa Muri

Fundraising Chair
Alexa has been playing rugby since 2010 and usually plays wing or fullback and is often mistaken for a lost child.

Susannah "SuS" Crawford

Sus is a veteran dancer turned rugger, joining the NWRFC in 2011 and maintaining a powerful presence on the pitch as 8-man. As a third-term President, she is committed to the growth and overall experience of the Club.

Heather Smith

Heather is new to the game of rugby, but gaining quick attention and respect being a dominate Hooker on the pitch and stepping up as Vice President for NWRFC.
Sarah Barber

Sarah Barber

Match Secretary
Sarah started playing rugby for the first time ever with the Stone Lions in 2015 as a Lock.

Our Team

Amanda Jones

Anna Grace "AG" Lowry

April Midgette

Ashlee "Happy Feet" Woods

Ashley Simpson

Audrey "Soccer" Russell

Bettye Jo King

CJ Kiekens

Danielle "Speedo" Young

Eliza "Liza" Gilbert

Erin "Irish" Robinson

Erin Squires

Jess "Canada" Warman

Jessi-Ann Michaelson

Jewelia "Jewels" Lawrence

Jewels has been playing rugby for almost a decade, and she joined the Stone Lions in 2008.

Justine Boland

Kailee Scheuermann

Kat Butler

Kathryn "Kat" Butler

Kathryn "Lizzy" Hendrix

Kellie Hurst

Since joining the Stone Lions in 2011, Kellie helps lead practices, works ...

Laura Plà

Lindsey "T-Rex" Howard

Maegan "Mae Mae" Buchanan

Mandy Reehling

Mary White

Molly Waters

Natasha Lesnefsky

Pat Neder

Regina "G" Durkan

Gina "G" is a passionate player, committed to keeping the Stone Lions strong and thriving.

Sarah "SB" Brown

Sarah "Smitty" Smith