Our Team

Our Team is the best around. We are a group of women who love to play Rugby. We foster teamwork, loyalty, sportsmanship and leadership. Anyone who wants to play, regardless of skill level, is welcome.

Work Hard, Play Hard and Have Fun! - Club Motto

Board Members

Abigail "Abi" Muelder

Abi is small, but mighty on and off the pitch. She serves as Treasurer for the NWRFC, and you'll see her Winging during games though she's a Hooker at heart.

EJ Dawson

Social Chair
Joining the Stone Lions in 2019, you can always give EJ Props for finding a ...

Kirschten Roberts aka Chin

Chin is willing and able to take on anything we throw at her...including ...

Kristen Hanratty

Vice President
While always a go getter on the pitch and in life, Hanratty's thrive for life, ...

Kyra Waller

Recruitment Chair
Kyra is always up for an adventure.  That partnered with her supernatural ...

Laurel Morrison

Fundraising Chair
Laurel began playing rugby in 2007 at Brentwood High School and University of ...

Marissa Ericson

Backs Captain
Marissa brings a great attitude and motivating energy to our back line.

Nancy Dennis Campbell

Social Member at Large
You may hear many a rugger yell out "Hey, I know her!".  Nancy is a living ...


Forwards Captain
Palmer keeps the forwards focused and on task during practice and game time.  ...
Sarah Barber

Sarah Barber

Match Secretary
Sarah started playing rugby for the first time ever with the Stone Lions in 2015 as a Lock.
  • Current Members
    • AG aka Anna Grace Lowry
    • Alex Hraniotis
    • Ashlee Lowe
    • Ashley Simpson
    • Canada aka Jess Warman
    • Emily Mucha
    • Haley Ashley
    • Heather Smith
    • Heidi Boulden
    • Julia Grzech
    • Kailee Scheuermann
    • Kasie Ray
    • Kellie Hurst
    • Kelsey Mitchell
    • Krystal Nedeau
    • Laurel Morrison
    • Lindy Clark
    • Mae Mae aka Maegan Buchanon
    • Mandy Reehling
    • Marianne Sanders
    • Mary White
    • Meagan Buford
    • Miranda White
    • Molly Walters
    • Pat Neder
    • Pony aka Marissa Vittands
    • Rachel Burger
    • Rachel Schleicher
    • Sarah Barber
    • Smitty aka Sarah Smith
    • Veronica Hill
  • Old Girls
    • Alex Fortney
    • Amanda Jones
    • Angie Denny
    • Becky Mitchell
    • Billie Cutillo
    • Blue aka Jennifer Williams
    • Brandi Forbes
    • Bulldozer aka Rainy Atherton
    • Buttons aka Hailee Sells
    • Chainsaw aka Chelsea Baker
    • CJ Jones
    • Karen Wasilewski
    • Dana Catron
    • Dana Jackson
    • Ediri Oji
    • Eliza Gilbert
    • Elizabeth B Schlaeger
    • Erin Squires
    • Erin Williamson
    • Farrah Aghai
    • G aka Regina Durkan
    • Hodapp aka Emily Hodapp
    • Holly Gaff
    • Irish aka Erin Robinson
    • Jessica Rafferty
    • Jewels aka Jewelia Lawrence
    • Justine Boland
    • Kat Butler
    • Kathleen O'Neill
    • Kiwi aka Katie Oliver
    • Lange aka Colleen Lange
    • Mad Dog aka Bettye Jo King
    • Maili Minneker
    • Melissa Cramer
    • Merica aka Erica Schoch
    • Miller aka Christina Miller
    • Mistee Harris
    • Natasha Lesnefsky
    • Ninja aka Lindsey Wieczorek
    • Noel Glazener
    • Peggy Claiborne
    • Remi Henderson
    • Ribbons aka Carrie Lynn
    • Sarah Kirby
    • SB or Downtown aka Sarah Brown
    • Siege aka CJ Kiekens
    • Smashley aka Ashley Perry
    • Soccer aka Audrey Russel
    • Spanky aka Cindy Khoury
    • Speedo aka Danielle Young
    • Susannah "Sus" Crawford
    • T-Rex aka Lindsey Howard
    • Wana aka Nicole Wanamaker
    • Wolfie aka Crystal Bass-Monroe
  • Hall of Fame
    • Karen Wasilewski - 2002
    • Lindsay Wieczorek - 2011
    • Susannah Crawford - 2012
    • Regina Durkan - 2013
    • Rainy Atherton - 2014
    • Pat Neder - 2015
    • Regina Durkan - 2016
    • Sarah Smith - 2017